I know you’re looking for an explanation here. Vinyl….made out of ice?!

My mind is probably just as blown as yours. The creativity of musician’s is a beautiful, amazing thing.

I was just wondering the other day what happened to one of my favourite bands, The Shout Out Louds, as I haven’t heard of them much since ‘Tonight I have to Leave It’ in 2010. Well my friends, they are back. They are back with something called the ‘Blue Ice Record Project’.

10 of their luckiest fans receive a package with instructions on how to make a Shout out Louds record…out of ICE. Watch the video below.

The track itself has me giddy for the new album. It’s a different sound than their previous albums. Smoother, more mellow, but still loaded but still irresistibly Shout out Louds. Soundcloud link below as well.

Warning: watching this video may induce feelings of extreme jealousy over fans who received this package!!